The Creation of Lambton Park

In the early 19th Century the first Earl of Durham, John George Lambton, set about designing the Park in the then popular Picturesque style; an aesthetic ideal of turning gardens and landscapes into views worthy of being painted. Subsequently, many of the buildings, such as the Castle, Stables and stud farm were all designed to fit within this Picturesque landscape.

A deer park, farmland and the pleasure gardens associated with the Castle were at the heart of the landscape. From the early 19th Century, tree planting took place to mask the sounds of the coal mining, that was so prevalent in the region. In the 18th and 19th Centuries, when the industry was at its prime, the landscape was remodelled and extensive building took place including walled gardens, incredible glasshouses and dozens of new houses.

Today Lambton Park is managed as a modern Estate enterprise; cattle, sheep and horses graze the parks, whilst the extensive woodland creates a diverse species rich environment.

With over 60 tenanted properties and the popular Bowes Business Park at its heart, Lambton Park retains a strong residential and business community.