Life at Lambton

Lambton Park offers an exceptional opportunity to live and work in a truly wonderful setting, that combines tradition and heritage with the best of modern living.

Lambton Park has seen many changes throughout the centuries. Historically a private Estate, the family have embraced the opportunity to share this wonderful environment as residents and visitors will be able to enjoy almost 15 km of public footpaths into the heart of the Estate.

As the population at Lambton Park grows, it is important to the family that there remains a sense of being part of ‘Lambton’ and a future, which combines conservation of its environment and preservation of its heritage, whilst maintaining a diverse working Estate with a vibrant community at its heart.

Members of this growing community will be able to enjoy tours of the Park to enjoy its history and wildlife. There will also be regular sporting and social events, which will evolve with the community as it expands over time.

Lambton Park is a very special place and it is important that it is enjoyed and cared for by the people who live, work and play on the Estate. This way, the unique legacy that is Lambton Park will flourish for generations to come.