Seasonal Footpaths

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the condition of the permissive access routes due to the wet autumn and winter and having notified Durham County Council, we are unable to open the permissive access routes from the 1st February as planned.

Permission to construct a car park to accommodate visitors to Lambton Park and users of the permissive access routes has just been granted by Durham County Council and it is planned that this will be opened later this year.

Covid permitting, once the car park is built and the condition of the paths improve, further details on the timing for the opening of both the car park and permissive access routes will be announced.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, we look forward to welcoming you to Lambton Park later this year.

Educational Visits

Lambton Park has played host to a wide variety of educational visits over the years, with visitors enjoying both cultural and historical insights into what goes on behind the scenes of this ever-evolving estate.

Visits have included individuals and groups interested in:

  • • Careers in the rural community
  • • History of the estate (For historical societies as the estate is a prime example of a property maintained by the same family over several generations)
  • • Wildlife and game conservancy
  • • Historic house preservation (For organisations interested in acquiring the knowledge as to how listed buildings can survive and adapt in the modern world)
  • • Decorative arts (For educational groups specialising in the decorative arts)
  • • Schools (Children meet the estate staff and are shown a working farm, woodlands, a castle, a manor house, animals and all the aspects that contribute to making the estate what it is)

To discuss a possible educational visit please contact:
Bob Duff
0191 385 2435